Bloomington Heritage Quilt Show

Mickey Lawler

I have just returned from a wonderful visit to the Bloomington, Indiana Heritage Quilt show. Three great days filled with workshops, quilt envy, conversation and dinners that were amazing. My journey began at the airport, of course. At the Indianapolis airport I met up with my fellow teacher, Mickey Lawler. I thought how clever to make a seat from her luggage! But then I looked again to see that her chair was actually made from old suitcases! Look behind her head, there are more interesting details to discover!

Indiana Airport Seat

How fun! This bench was across the way. Look underneath the seats to find a miniature traveling scene. Infact, the whole airport had interesting and colorful art to keep us travelers happy.

Indiana Airport seat 2

The Indiana Heritage Quilt Show had some good vendors and a ton of exciting quilts to enjoy. There was lots of extraordinary machine quilting among this years entries. Many clean modern quilts were making bold graphic statements and, of course, lots of lovely traditional pieces, too.

Marie Webster by Carolyn Rider

Here is a beautiful interpretation of Marie Webster’s Poppy pattern. How refreshing! It is both modern and traditional at the same time. Looks like spring. It was made by Carolyn Rider of Portsmouth, Ohio.

L. Welklin Quilt

Here is a delightful miniature quilt that really tickled me! I had to visit it everyday. It was machine made with silk threads by Laura Welklin of Noblesville, Ohio.

This weekend I will be visiting The West Alabama Quilter’s Guild in Tuscaloosa. Rumor is that it will be at least 60degrees! I feel myself melting already!

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  1. KateUK says:

    Quilt envy is always good, gets new ideas going-love the suitcase seats.

  2. Carolyn Rider says:

    Jane, thanks so much for the nice comments. I love to appliqué and have been so inspired by Marie Webster. I just finished the third quilt from her patterns.

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