Tuscaloosa Visit

Pink Camelias

I’ve just returned from a wonderful and warm trip to Tuscaloosa for the West Alabama Quilt Guild. It isn’t always possible for us quilt teachers to get beyond the hotel in the places we visit. But this week I got the royal tour of the University of Alabama’s impressive campus and its city surrounds. Of course, I was interested in seeing the Art Building. I love this fun sculpture in its courtyard. I wish we had one in our yard! Looks like Bender.

Alabama Robot Sculpture

We also browsed the Westervelt Collection of American Art in the Tuscaloosa Museum of Art. The museum is housed in a majestic Japanese style building surrounded by tall trees. The collection holds many western sculptures and busts of famous historic leaders.

Tuscaloosa Museum of Art

But here is one of the favorite things that I saw there. The big frame surrounding a picture of “nothing” is so surreal! The label says “Out of Site of Land, George Catlin, 1786-1872.

Out of Sight of Land, G. Catlin

I also was treated to an exotic (for a Midwesterner) variety of Southern culinary classics… fried catfish, fried okra, fried green tomatoes, fried pickles, grits, field peas, Hoppin’ John, coleslaw, and blackened shrimp! This was over several days, not in one sitting. But in any case, the diet begins today!

The Alabama quilters were as warmhearted and welcoming as quilters are everywhere. We spent a day together in the Simple Silhouettes workshop and those gals were on-the ball. Almost everyone finished their tops and two gals even started to quilt them. Thanks, girls, for making this trip so comfortable and entertaining!

Sassaman Tuscaloosa Class

Here is a Sweet Lady Jane version with all four Spring Diva Silhouette patterns made with into a lap size quilt. Just the kind of colors we need to coax us into spring.

Sassaman Divas Quilt

By the time I got back home a few adventurous chipmunks had awoke from their winter’s nap and dozens of Sandhill cranes where flying overhead. These are sure signs that delicious changes are on the way.

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  1. I am living in NC at the moment but am originally from Northwest Alabama. I am glad that you were introduced to some of our famous foods. There is nothing like good fried catfish. I do hope that you were able to order it “on the bone”. Filets are great but “on the bone” is 10 times better!

    How did you like those fried green tomatoes? yum!

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