Winter Wear

Sassaman Ribbon Hats 1

Suddenly my designing life is accelerating, but that didn’t stop Mother Nature from dropping the temperature and six more inches of snow on us this weekend! FreeSpirit is making plans for Spring Quilt Market and Renaissance Ribbons has requested some new designs. So back to the drawing board for me!

This week we have been decorating some recycled winter wear. All of these well-worn chapeaux have been revived with a little lively touch of Sassaman ribbon.

Sassaman Ribbon Hats 2

The glass hat forms look like ice maidens in this outdoor setting. But even ice maidens need hats and scarves in this weather. I also thought you would also enjoy seeing the fabulous “mohawk” helmets that my daughter, Willow, knits. Here are my three favorite men modelling ideal hats for serious winter weather.

Willow's Hats

They are wool on the outside and lined with polar fleece on the inside. The thick mane travels low in the back to keep your neck warm, too. If you have to keep warm you may as well look good doing it!

Off to the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show this week. Hope to see some of you there!

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  1. KateUK says:

    More snow! Oh crumbs- it has finally stopped raining in the UK and we have proper Spring weather,so good to see some sunshine and the water levels falling!

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