Colorful Autumn Afternoon

Sassaman Ribbon Scarf 1

This has been an incredible span of perfect early autumn days. So it was an ideal time for the annual Siderealistic Timesters Autumn Equinox show at the Starline building and to host several visiting artists for the weekend.

I snagged one of our visitors to model our new ribbon project. This is an original pattern that we have made several times with great success. This version is made of a single layer of pleated magenta silk. The pleats are anchored with some of my new Renaissance Ribbon. The ribbon echoes a bit of pink in its pattern.

Sassaman Ribbon Scarf

The ribbon was stitched into place and then surrounded by two rows of blue topstitching to help blend it all together. Thanks to Alexis for being such a willing participant in my presentation.

Sassaman Ribbon Scarf 3

I also want to share the work of delightful Australian blogger, Rachael Daisy. You may be familiar with her blogging avatar from her comments here. Her colorful blog, Blue Mountain Daisy, is the product of a talented quilter and enthusiastic fabric fondler.

Blue Mountain Daisy Logo

Ms Daisy recently did a wonderful post featuring the Wild Child fabric applied to kitchen accessories. She has a grand understanding of personality prints. Jump on over to her site and check them all out! I love to see the fabric put to such good use!

Blue Mountain Daisy

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  1. Rachaeldaisy says:

    I love that pleated scarf, such a great texture statement and perfectly hightlights the gorgeous ribbon. Thank you so much for sharing my blog and for such wonderful compliments. You make it easy for us crafters by creating such inspiring and fun to use fabrics.

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