Seasonal Sewing Session

Autumn Morning 2013

I can’t recall such a glorious run of autumn days! Of course, this is a delightful feature of having four seasons… each one is better than the last. This is an early morning shot taken on the way down to the studio.

Sassaman Sewing 10:13

My new FreeSpirit fabrics, Sweet Lady Jane, have finally arrived and it is OH SO PRETTY!! But they were delivered much later than usual, so now I have barely 3 weeks to prepare samples for Houston Market. So I am cranking out quilt tops all day and sometimes into the night. I think “cranking out quilt tops” must be an oxymoron as it takes several days to make each one. Luckily, I had a few preplanned ideas to dive right into.

But, obviously this is heaven to me! I like nothing better than being buried under fabric and stitching on my BERNINA for days on end.

Sassaman Ribbon Collar

Did you notice my denim sewing ensemble? We couldn’t resist enhancing this casual blouse with our new Renaissance Ribbon. We lined the collar and the epaulets of the sleeve with strips of the Blue Bouquet ribbon. We have turned an ordinary shirt into a quietly classy one.

Sassaman Ribbon sleeve

We have also reclaimed a skinny pair of jeans to jazz up with a stream of interesting insects down the side seams. Now I just have to find a skinny girl who can wear then!

Sassaman Ribbon Jeans

OK, back to work! With pleasure!!

3 Responses to “Seasonal Sewing Session”

  1. Daphne Greig says:

    I’m sewing up a storm for Market too Jane. See you there!!

  2. Melissa P says:

    I’m so excited to see what you’ve been up to with your Sweet Lady Jane yardage. With so many possibilities, I’m sure you’ll have the Wow Factor turned up to High.

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