Summer’s Final Push

Pink Impatiens

Autumn begins officially tomorrow, September 22, and summer is reaching its final glory. The tomatoes are at their peak and the mums are beginning to bloom. This week we used both the heater, for the first time, and the air conditioner for probably the last time. It was a week of transition.

Sassaman Diamond Quilt

This week I was also a guest at the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild. It is an enthusiastic group of fabric fondlers with a love for clean, contemporary and sophisticated design. So I took some of my most “modern” quilts to show. This is a quilt that they seemed very excited about.

Sassaman Diamond Triabgle Quilt

Again, I have exploited all three colorways of the Masquerade diamond fabric (Wild Child collection) to make this dynamic graphic composition. It starts with this simple quarter square triangle, shown by the green line, divided into three pieces. The triangle is 11″ high and 22″ wide.. The end pieces are just single pieces of fussy cut diamond fabric and the center is solid blue. As the triangles get stitched into a block the solid blue forms a four pointed star. Then the dramatic black border wraps it all up.

Sassaman Diamond Quilting

Because the quilt is so sparse, I wanted the quilting to be opulent. So I sent it to a spectacular long-arm quilter, Pam McIntyre in Gainesville, Florida. She did a fabulous job combining traditional and futuristic motifs. She hepped-up the feathers and mixed them with the circles centered in each diamond. Thanks to Pam, this very easy quilt has become a stunner.

Next week my new fall line should arrive in the studio and we will jump in making pieces for Houston Market, so I am warming up the BERNINA for some intense action!!

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  1. KateUK says:

    Cor! The diamonds again- amazing what you are turning them into. Autumn on the way here too- been a real change this past fortnight.

  2. Rachaeldaisy says:

    This quilt has made my heart skip a beat!! It’s so striking!! That Masquerade fabric is brilliant!

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