Weekend Guests


This week we had classic summer weather, hot and humid, just how August is supposed to be. But I felt sorry for all those kids squirming in their seats at school when summer is still outside the window and wanting to be enjoyed. So this Labor Day weekend reminds us, too, that summer will soon be at an end. The corn and beans are beginning to turn golden, along with so many other signs of the season’s cycle.

Green Beans

The garden is at its zenith. The green beans have been especially abundant, but at this point, the ones remaining are too mature to consume. So now they have become stately chandeliers reigning over their verdant kingdom. In fact, I had a wonderful dream where I was gold leafing green beans and weaving them into baskets.

Sassaman Wild Child Pillows

Labor Day also signals family and friends to celebrate outdoors while they still can. Sleeping porches and camp cots are enjoying their last usefulness of the season. So this week we are airing out the bedding in anticipation of house guests and, of course, have to feature the latest Wild Child creations. We have added some new pieces to “Jane’s fabulous pillowcase collection”.

Sassaman Wild Child Pillows 3

Both sets of cases were made with Wild Child fabrics with white backgrounds. Clean white bedding after a hot summer day’s play feels especially cool and inviting. Gaillardia, in pink, and Trellis Tryst, in blue, make a refreshing combination with the striped trim and triangular finish. Note that the triangles switch directions in the two designs.

Sassaman Wild Child Pillows 2

Here they grace the bed in the apple green quest room, ready to greet and comfort its weekend visitors. PS… we used our own Pint Size pattern to make these new cases. Enjoy your holiday!

Sassaman Pillowcase Cover

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  1. KateUK says:

    Love the triangles- that fabric is really versatile.Gorgeous plants too!

  2. Ida Houston says:

    How on earth did you get watermelon to grow? Any secrets?

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