Fancy Wrap Up

Sassaman Ribbon Box Project

There have been lots of wedding and baby showers this summer. Consequently, I have noticed that the wrapping outside can be just as exciting as the gifts within. So this week we have created our own spectacular party packaging.

Sassaman Box Top

It all started with a 10″ wide brown paper hat box from Hobby Lobby, which I painted white. Then I cut a circular yellow fabric disk large enough to cover the lid, its sides and fold under the lip. I spray glued the lid before I centered the fabric over it. Next I clipped tabs to fold the fabric around the sides and secured them with Tacky Glue inside the lid.

I also cut a blue panel to reach around the body of the box and fold over its top edge. This I secured with spray glue on the outside. Again tabs were cut and folded and Tacky Glued in place.

Sassaman Ribbon Box 1

Next came the rosettes for the top. There are three rosettes stacked on top of each other. The smallest pink one started as an 28″ X 4″ fabric panel, folded in half lengthwise to make a 2″ X 28″ piece. Then the ribbon and rick-rack were stitched to the folded side and the ends sewn together to form a continuous band. I hand stitched a running stitch with pearl cotton thread on the raw edge to create a ruffle. This process was repeated for the next two rosettes… blue 28″ X 6″ and yellow 28″ X 8″.

Sassaman Ribbon Project

After poking a hole in the center of the lid, I stacked the rosettes with a painted yellow foam gasket and screwed them to the lid of the box with a ceramic knob, also from Hobby Lobby. Next I glued ribbon on the side of the lid, as well as ribbon and rick-rack on to the box itself.

Sassaman Ribbon Box Open

As a finishing touch there is a small ribbon trim just inside the box, too. All the fabric is from The Early Birds collection for FreeSpirit and the ribbon is from the new Wild Child line for Renaissance Ribbon. I’ve almost decided that this project is too pretty to give away!

Sassaman Ribbon Box Top

4 Responses to “Fancy Wrap Up”

  1. Melissa P says:

    Jane!!! I’m in love! This so perfect for showing off those gorgeous ribbons. I wouldn’t want to part with it.

  2. KateUK says:

    Fabulous!I wouldn’t want to part with that either.

  3. Susan says:

    I would have decided at step two that this project was too much work to give away. Would probably give it to a family member with the understanding it had to be given to another family member and eventually back to ME.

  4. Susan says:

    It is stunning!!

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