Golden Prairie

Black eyed Daisy

The transformation has begun. Nights temperatures are in the 50’s, the air is very clear and the fields are changing color a little each day. In our yard the sedum is turning pink, but all the other blossoms are yellow and gold.

Sassaman Wild Child Quilt

As you may know, my studio is gold, too. I find the color both comforting and stimulating. It is a color that appears in my fabrics quite regularly, too. And since I love combining contrasting colors, gold and blue or yellow and purple are a dramatic duo in many fabric designs. I am also a push-over for black! Black makes the other colors brighter and adds still more drama through contrast.

In this studio shot we are featuring both current and vintage Sassaman fabrics with these color mixtures. The chair is covered by the Teasel and Lace design from the Prairie Gothic line. The sachel in the chair is of the plum border print from Early Birds. The fabulous coat (Folkwear Pattern #118) and “Whole Cloth” quilt are both made with the current Wild Child collection. Love that electric blue, too!

Sassaman Wild Child Quilt Detail

The Whole Cloth pattern is a recipe from Patchwork Sassaman Style. It is the easiest recipe in the book! Here we are simply letting the fabric to the work… art by the yard! Just like a picture with a mat and frame. There’s no need to cut a print with so much personality. Let it stand on its own.

Sassaman Triangle Quilt

Surprise! The Whole Cloth is actually the back for this Thousand Mountain quilt! This pattern is simply made of 45 degree triangles sewn into strips. Each triangle is 10″ high, finished. Half of the triangles are cut from the blue Gaillardia fabric. The others have been strip pieced with jelly-roll strips, 2″ finished, of other fabrics in the blue colorway. I threw in an occassional 1″ strip of solid blue for a little breather from all the pattern. Thousand Mountains is a pattern I have made many times with much success and it is a recipe which is also included in Patchwork Sassaman Style.

Sassaman Quilt Detail

I like the way the triangles seem to disappear and reappear. It is the strips with black that blend and create this illusion.

Daisy Field

PS… there are some new Renaissance Ribbon colors coming soon! Stay tuned!

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