Happy Colors on a Gray Day

Sassaman Wild Child Log Cabin Quilt 1

Today is a very still, cool and cloudy day; the kind that makes colors glow and pop. So we headed outside with the camera to take advantage of nature’s sublime lighting. All of this weeks projects share one of my favorite contrasting color schemes…red, yellow and blue. This is a combination that always makes me think of European folk art.

Hanging on the portal to our mysterious forest is a bright little lap quilt made with the red colorway of the Wild Child collection for FreeSpirit. This is a quilt that Little Red Riding Hood could use to make her spirits bright and keep wicked wolves at bay.

Sassaman Wild Child Log Cabin Quilt

It is made in a traditional log cabin technique, building from the center outward. The finished medallion in the center is 11 1/2″ (cut 12″ square). The yellow strips are 1″ finished (cut 1 1/2″) and the wide strips are 4″ finished (cut 4 1/2″). So the finished quit measures 53 1/2″ square.

The rows alternate dark and light with yellow sashing between. The quilting is simple wavy lines of top-stitching thread.

Sassaman Wild Child Quilt Back

The back is Amish Bars, one of the easy recipes in Patchwork Sassaman Style. I love the zip that the striped binding adds.

Sassaman Ribbon Blue Shoes

Little Red Riding Hood could tip toe through the daisies in style with these electric blue shoes decorated with bows of Wild Child ribbon. But in my garden they are used as sculptures, as my high heel days are at an end.

Sassaman Ribbon Shoes

These slippers are more my style… practical, pretty and straight from the Land of Oz. Click your heels together and repeat, “There’s no place like home….”

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  1. Jamie Lee says:

    Sweet bows on those blue shoes! Just picked myself up some wild child from fabric.com. Love it!

  2. Sayed says:

    My great-grandmother made me promise (on her death bed, so no guilt there) to fiinsh her quilts for her, and this flower pattern was the first one I did. I was too scared to cut any of her pieces in half and I was too lazy to create new blooms, so I didn’t have a flat edge, but I fiinshed it in a sort of scallop. I’d be interested in knowing how you are gonna do your edges .since (moan) there is another box of blooms in a box upstairs.

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