Wild Child – a study in contrast

Sassaman Red & White Quilt

It is so HOT here this week. We are watering the plants early in the morning and hibernating inside for the balance of the day. It’s wonderful weather for tomatoes and for working in the cool studio. In fact, today I am shipping out my new designs for next spring’s FreeSpirit Collection.

For this weeks blog I wanted to show you one of my favorite quilts to come from the current Wild Child line. It is also one of the starkest and easiest to make. This graphic quilt was made from jelly roll cuts (2.5″ strips) of the red and white Masquerade fabric mixed with a solid white. It is constructed as a giant log cabin block starting in the center and building outward.

Sassaman Red & White Quilt Detail

It is a wonderful study of “white”. The red and white diamond fabric looks very white in the bolt, yet when I set it next to a solid white from my stash the difference was amazing. Since this quilt is meant to be fun and funky I thought the mismatched whites added to its naive quality.

This is actually the back side of another quilt, so the quilting was dictated by the composition on the other side. But I think it works well on both.

M. Peda Wild Child Bag w:Ribbon

Here is the same fabric used, again, to great effect. This stunning bag for a sizzling summer was made by the marvelous Melissa Peda. She has also used some of my new Renaissance Ribbon as a perfect contrast to the large print. She lined the bag with red Peony fabric. To read more about this project and see more of her wonderful work visit her 100 Billion Stars blog.

Indie Book Award

And finally, congratulations to Dragon Threads Publishing for being a finalist for the Indie Book Awards!

3 Responses to “Wild Child – a study in contrast”

  1. Melissa P says:

    There is so much potential in that one Masquerade print! I can’t get over it. This quilt back is wonderful. It shows just how effective Masquerade is as a cheater tumbler print. And congrats to Dragon Threads!

    Have a safe and relaxing weekend!

  2. Terry says:

    I like the grapic quilt. Is there anyway you can give me an idea where to get the instructions? I would appreciate that, thanks.

  3. Terry,
    This is a very easy quilt to make. Just start with a white 6″ center square (cut 6 1/2″). Cut 2 1/2″ strips of white and the diamond fabrics. Add a row of diamond strips to each side of the center square. Then add strips of white. Just keep alternating between the solid and the print. This is a basic log cabin pattern in large scale. A yard of each fabric should be enough to make this quilt.
    Jane S.

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