Garden Glories Quilt

Sassaman Garden Glories Quilt

This week has been a heavenly string of beautiful summer days, both mild and sunny. In the yard the day lilies are in bloom and the dahlias are standing proud. In the garden the corn is over my head and the tomatoes are beginning to blush red.

So it seems like the perfect time to share this pretty little quilt that I call Garden Glories. The one above is made from the Pink colorway of the Wild Child collection of FreeSpirit Fabrics. It is made according to the Fancy 9 Patch recipe from the Patchwork Sassaman Style book.

Sassaman Morning Glorie Quilts

It can also be made in the Red and Blue colorways. It is 46″ square, so it is a nice size for a baby’s blanket or for hanging on the wall. The sawtooth border really adds the final punch and it was made with the diamond fabric which I have shown in previous posts…  “cheater cloth”. This is a very easy pattern to make. As always, it is the fabric that make it look complicated. Here is a PDF with the yardage and sewing directions so you can make one of your own. It will take a few minutes to download. Jane Sassaman- Garden Glories-1

Styl'n Sheep

Since it was such pleasant weather we took time out to visit the animals at the McHenry County Fair. Here is a surprising scene from the sheep pavilion. Perhaps this is what they mean when they refer to “sheep’s clothing”. A new use for Sassaman fabric?

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  1. KateUK says:

    Never seen sheep in coats before! That fabric looks wonderful using the 9 patch pattern. Brilliant.

  2. How perfect that would be, Jane…..coats for the sweet sheep who have just lost theirs. The sheep barn would never be the same with your beautiful creations lighting it up with color! Greg could take a great photo! That would be a adorable children’s book.

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