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Winter Wear

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Sassaman Ribbon Hats 1

Suddenly my designing life is accelerating, but that didn’t stop Mother Nature from dropping the temperature and six more inches of snow on us this weekend! FreeSpirit is making plans for Spring Quilt Market and Renaissance Ribbons has requested some new designs. So back to the drawing board for me!

This week we have been decorating some recycled winter wear. All of these well-worn chapeaux have been revived with a little lively touch of Sassaman ribbon.

Sassaman Ribbon Hats 2

The glass hat forms look like ice maidens in this outdoor setting. But even ice maidens need hats and scarves in this weather. I also thought you would also enjoy seeing the fabulous “mohawk” helmets that my daughter, Willow, knits. Here are my three favorite men modelling ideal hats for serious winter weather.

Willow's Hats

They are wool on the outside and lined with polar fleece on the inside. The thick mane travels low in the back to keep your neck warm, too. If you have to keep warm you may as well look good doing it!

Off to the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show this week. Hope to see some of you there!

Skirting through Autumn

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Harvest 2013

Last week they finally harvested the corn field next door. We look forward to this event every year as it’s always at night and so very dramatic. In the black void of night the light beams from the machines brush over a haunting landscape. But Sunday was wet and wild. We had tornado warnings so we kept alert and unplugged the electronics. But it was, of course, a divine day to hang out in the studio. I am trying a new routine of four days devoted to FreeSpirit Fabric work followed by three days of art quilting, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So yesterday I was at the work wall tweaking a new quilt project. Very satisfying!

Sassaman Gaillardia Skirt

Today it’s back to FreeSpirit business. So I’m going to preview one of our latest Autumn outfits featuring the Wild Child Gaillardia fabric in the red colorway. I love a classic gathered skirt with big pockets… comfortable and smart. This fabric has a touch of summer enthusiasm, but with the yellow blouse and deep pumpkin sweater it leans more toward Autumn.

Sassaman Gaillardia Skirt 2

I, personally, need to have pockets at all times, if only to hold my hanky. Pockets are very comforting. Big pockets are even more so.

Sassaman Gaillardia Skirt 3

We have even made a matching fabric brooch by mounting a fussy cut flower on felt and hand stitching some fancy details.

Sassaman Gaillardia Brooch

Stay tuned… next post we will tackle some Thanksgiving table settings for your inner Wild Child!

Quilt Market and Festival here we come!

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

We had our first hard frost this week and they are even predicting a few snowflakes this afternoon. All the while, the elves in Sassaman Land have been busy with Houston Quilt Market preparations. If you are attending Fall Market please stop by the Westminster booth # 708 and the Renaissance Ribbons booth # 2300 to see my latest designs.

Sweet Lady Jane Sassaman

The new FreeSpirit Fabric line is called Sweet Lady Jane and it will have its official debut this week at my Schoolhouse presentation. These designs are Over-the-Top optimistic and very versatile with plenty of pretty tone-on-tone patterns that will be useful in anyone’s stash. But I can only give you a sneak preview today!

Sassaman Ribbon Brooches

Here are some brooches that we’ve made for the Renaissance Ribbon Booth. Lately, I’ve been attracted to the idea of award ribbons and heroic medals. There are some days when a little symbolic sympathy and a pat on the back would help a great deal. So these are first place ribbons that you can bestow on yourself or a deserving friend; just like the Cowardly Lion’s Medal of Courage, the Tin Man’s Heart and the Scarecrow’s diploma.

I am fortunate to be attending Quilt Festival for the first time in many years. This is because I have a quilt in the show and I am thrilled. It has been many years since I have even entered, so this is a very special occasion for me. If you are lucky enough to attend, too, please stop by to see my Illinois Album Quilt in person. I look forward to seeing you all there!!

Illinois Album 500px

Happy Colors on a Gray Day

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Sassaman Wild Child Log Cabin Quilt 1

Today is a very still, cool and cloudy day; the kind that makes colors glow and pop. So we headed outside with the camera to take advantage of nature’s sublime lighting. All of this weeks projects share one of my favorite contrasting color schemes…red, yellow and blue. This is a combination that always makes me think of European folk art.

Hanging on the portal to our mysterious forest is a bright little lap quilt made with the red colorway of the Wild Child collection for FreeSpirit. This is a quilt that Little Red Riding Hood could use to make her spirits bright and keep wicked wolves at bay.

Sassaman Wild Child Log Cabin Quilt

It is made in a traditional log cabin technique, building from the center outward. The finished medallion in the center is 11 1/2″ (cut 12″ square). The yellow strips are 1″ finished (cut 1 1/2″) and the wide strips are 4″ finished (cut 4 1/2″). So the finished quit measures 53 1/2″ square.

The rows alternate dark and light with yellow sashing between. The quilting is simple wavy lines of top-stitching thread.

Sassaman Wild Child Quilt Back

The back is Amish Bars, one of the easy recipes in Patchwork Sassaman Style. I love the zip that the striped binding adds.

Sassaman Ribbon Blue Shoes

Little Red Riding Hood could tip toe through the daisies in style with these electric blue shoes decorated with bows of Wild Child ribbon. But in my garden they are used as sculptures, as my high heel days are at an end.

Sassaman Ribbon Shoes

These slippers are more my style… practical, pretty and straight from the Land of Oz. Click your heels together and repeat, “There’s no place like home….”

Wild Child is Coming your way!

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Jane Sassaman Fabric

It has been difficult to get back into the swing of things after my months hiatus. But I am finally getting back to the gym and attending to business. The routine is beginning to set in again… evidenced by this posting. The new fabric, Wild Child, will appear in your favorite stores in July… just a week away. So we want to get you excited about this collections potential. Above is a wonderful Folkwear pattern, the Tibetan Panel Coat made entirely with the blue colorway of Wild Child.

As you can see, there is a striking combination of floral motifs supported by some graphic geometrics. The ethnic coat is a perfect canvas to mix them all together. Both elegant and bold this wrap would be stunning with simple black knit leggings and shirt. It could go to the opera and steal the show. In fact, this coat reminds me of Carl Otto Czeschka’s illustrations for Die Nibelungen in 1909, which have long been favorites of mine.

Carl Otto Czeschka 1909

Folkwear Coat Jane Sassaman Fabric

The outer layers are quilted with heavy top-stitching thread so it has a nice weight for hanging straight and wrapping snuggly. The lining fabrics are lighter and brighter for a surprise slip of contrast underneath. Drama is what this coat is all about!

Contest Winners & New Scarf

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Purple Scarf Sassaman Fabric

It’s 19 degrees and tomorrow is the first day of spring! It snowed all day yesterday and the wind howled all night, so we still need our winter wear. So here is a pretty new scarf design from the Sassaman studio. It is made with Early Birds fabric and is reversible, of course.


Susan. my right-hand girl, stitched up this practical but very feminine design. It is created by tucking folds as you stitch. This creates a natural contour that frames the face and sits nicely on your shoulders.


Here is the reverse side. Since the scarf is made with cotton fabric it is not itchy but still offers protection from the elements. The edges have been finished with a serger. This is my new favorite scarf!

Today is also the day I get to announce the final winners for the Dragon Thread’s Patchwork Sassaman Style Contest. Yes, I couldn’t pick just one! I have decided to pick 2 winners. #C from the 1+4 Patch and #1 from Ocean Waves.
It was a tough decision, as each quilt entered had a unique personality. But these two quilts
are wonderful examples of “listening” to the fabric. Fussy cutting was used very effectively.
The mix of solids added some nice contrast and drama. They have both made a very simple pattern
into exceptionally elegant quilts.


Ocean Waves by Eunice Merritt

4+1 Patch

This is the One + Four Patch winner. However, due to a new computer snafu we can’t find the maker’s name. So please let us know who you are. I will be sending both winners a set of Simple Silhouette Patterns.


Snow Day!

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Studio 3:5:2013

What a marvelous day! The snow began about 7:00 this morning and there are predictions of 10 inches of new snow. So we are looking forward to being stranded in the studio for at least two days, Yippee!! So I am a happy camper and dedicating my time to some serious quilting.  In anticipation I started a new small piece yesterday and continue to quilt my abstract sampler.

But before I get down to stitching I wanted to share some spring colors and Easter finery.

Easter is early this year so now is the time to brighten up the wardrobe. It is so nice that men aren’t afraid of  pretty colors these days. I love to see guys in pink and purple. In fact, this pink shirt is directly from my husbands closet. The ties are all made with purple fabrics from the Early Birds fabric collection for FreeSpirit.

I like this simple tie pattern… just tie, no bow. Very dapper!

This is the same pattern with a different finish. It was centered on the large checked fabric so the two halves are symmetrical.

This bow tie is for a man with confidence and a good sense of humor!

This version is very pleasing. I know my Greg will be sporting one of these in the Easter Parade.

OK, back to stitching and dreaming.

Baby, it’s cold outside!!

Monday, January 21st, 2013

There is a dusting of snow and it’s shockingly cold outside! That’s fine if you get to stay inside and cozy, but if you have things to do it’s time to get serious!! Being a Midwesterner I know the adage, “there’s no such thing as cold weather, only inappropriate clothing”. But I would add… If you have to dress for warmth you may as well look good at the same time!  So we whipped up some warm but wild chapeaux in celebration of the season.

All of these hats were made with Vogue Accessories pattern V7981, Early Birds fabric and modeled by my young friend, Elizabeth. In the photo above she is wearing the classic hunters hat, we call it the Elmer Fudd model. First she has her ear flaps tied up, but then happily lowered her fleece lined flaps to keep snug.

Here is a sassy little beanie lined with peachy pink fleece, a perfect color to liven up a winter day. I think the combination of pink and black is both fun and elegant.

This red wrap-around hood is a romantic way to fend off the winter blues. Again, it is fleece lined inside and around the face. It is simply quilted and fastens with two dots of Velcro under the chin. What fun to have such sunny fabrics to fondle on a cold winter day!

PS… are you working on your Patchwork Sassaman Style challenge quilt top? There’s still time to stitch one up… the deadline for photos is this Friday , January 25. You could win a stack of Early Birds fabric!! For more details go to the Dragon Threads Blog.

Early Birds Pattern Give Away This Week!

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Aren’t these the cutest aprons? They are being featured on the FreeSpirit Blog this week. So to read all the details visit their site. This week they will be sharing a free pattern for the new Early Bird fabrics. Also check out the Fat Quarter Shop’s blog, the Jolly Jabber, to see some studio shots and read a short interview.

Lots to do in the studio this week. Next week we will post a little home decorating project, so stay tuned.

Early Birds Pattern Give Away This Week!

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Aren’t these the cutest aprons? They are being featured on the FreeSpirit Blog this week. So to read all the details visit their site. This week they will be sharing a free pattern for the new Early Bird fabrics. Also check out the Fat Quarter Shop’s blog, the Jolly Jabber, to see some studio shots and read a short interview.

Lots to do in the studio this week. Next week we will post a little home decorating project, so stay tuned.