Snow Day!

Studio 3:5:2013

What a marvelous day! The snow began about 7:00 this morning and there are predictions of 10 inches of new snow. So we are looking forward to being stranded in the studio for at least two days, Yippee!! So I am a happy camper and dedicating my time to some serious quilting.  In anticipation I started a new small piece yesterday and continue to quilt my abstract sampler.

But before I get down to stitching I wanted to share some spring colors and Easter finery.

Easter is early this year so now is the time to brighten up the wardrobe. It is so nice that men aren’t afraid of  pretty colors these days. I love to see guys in pink and purple. In fact, this pink shirt is directly from my husbands closet. The ties are all made with purple fabrics from the Early Birds fabric collection for FreeSpirit.

I like this simple tie pattern… just tie, no bow. Very dapper!

This is the same pattern with a different finish. It was centered on the large checked fabric so the two halves are symmetrical.

This bow tie is for a man with confidence and a good sense of humor!

This version is very pleasing. I know my Greg will be sporting one of these in the Easter Parade.

OK, back to stitching and dreaming.

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