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New Ribbon Colors

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Black Sassaman Ribbon

When I returned from Houston Market and Festival there was a stack of mail waiting to be sorted through. Among them was a package from Renaissance Ribbon, always exciting! It contained the new colorways of the Wild Child Ribbon! And it is beautiful!!

Sassaman Ribbon Boxes

After ten days of being away from the studio I was itching to make something, so I whipped up these little gift boxes. First I painted three brown cardboard boxes from Hobby Lobby to match the ribbon. The rectangular lid had a small window that was the perfect size to feature the Morning Glory ribbon. Then I wrapped three sides of the bottom half with the same design and painted the green dots on the lid.

Sassaman Ribbon Box 1

Sassaman Ribbon Boxes 2

For the oval and round boxes, I fussy cut some leaves from the Flower Fiesta fabric and decoupaged them on the lids and then glued striped ribbon around the edge. Next I carefully attached coordinating ribbons to the bottom halves. Since the ribbon is practical polyester you can keep the edges from fraying with the heat of a flame or burning tool.

Now they are ready to nest a precious little gift… a piece of chocolate or a pair of earrings, perhaps. Oh yes, the fabric they are sitting on is called Brocade and is from my new FreeSpirit line, Sweet Lady Jane, which will be available in stores this January!

Golden Prairie

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

Black eyed Daisy

The transformation has begun. Nights temperatures are in the 50’s, the air is very clear and the fields are changing color a little each day. In our yard the sedum is turning pink, but all the other blossoms are yellow and gold.

Sassaman Wild Child Quilt

As you may know, my studio is gold, too. I find the color both comforting and stimulating. It is a color that appears in my fabrics quite regularly, too. And since I love combining contrasting colors, gold and blue or yellow and purple are a dramatic duo in many fabric designs. I am also a push-over for black! Black makes the other colors brighter and adds still more drama through contrast.

In this studio shot we are featuring both current and vintage Sassaman fabrics with these color mixtures. The chair is covered by the Teasel and Lace design from the Prairie Gothic line. The sachel in the chair is of the plum border print from Early Birds. The fabulous coat (Folkwear Pattern #118) and “Whole Cloth” quilt are both made with the current Wild Child collection. Love that electric blue, too!

Sassaman Wild Child Quilt Detail

The Whole Cloth pattern is a recipe from Patchwork Sassaman Style. It is the easiest recipe in the book! Here we are simply letting the fabric to the work… art by the yard! Just like a picture with a mat and frame. There’s no need to cut a print with so much personality. Let it stand on its own.

Sassaman Triangle Quilt

Surprise! The Whole Cloth is actually the back for this Thousand Mountain quilt! This pattern is simply made of 45 degree triangles sewn into strips. Each triangle is 10″ high, finished. Half of the triangles are cut from the blue Gaillardia fabric. The others have been strip pieced with jelly-roll strips, 2″ finished, of other fabrics in the blue colorway. I threw in an occassional 1″ strip of solid blue for a little breather from all the pattern. Thousand Mountains is a pattern I have made many times with much success and it is a recipe which is also included in Patchwork Sassaman Style.

Sassaman Quilt Detail

I like the way the triangles seem to disappear and reappear. It is the strips with black that blend and create this illusion.

Daisy Field

PS… there are some new Renaissance Ribbon colors coming soon! Stay tuned!

Fancy Wrap Up

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Sassaman Ribbon Box Project

There have been lots of wedding and baby showers this summer. Consequently, I have noticed that the wrapping outside can be just as exciting as the gifts within. So this week we have created our own spectacular party packaging.

Sassaman Box Top

It all started with a 10″ wide brown paper hat box from Hobby Lobby, which I painted white. Then I cut a circular yellow fabric disk large enough to cover the lid, its sides and fold under the lip. I spray glued the lid before I centered the fabric over it. Next I clipped tabs to fold the fabric around the sides and secured them with Tacky Glue inside the lid.

I also cut a blue panel to reach around the body of the box and fold over its top edge. This I secured with spray glue on the outside. Again tabs were cut and folded and Tacky Glued in place.

Sassaman Ribbon Box 1

Next came the rosettes for the top. There are three rosettes stacked on top of each other. The smallest pink one started as an 28″ X 4″ fabric panel, folded in half lengthwise to make a 2″ X 28″ piece. Then the ribbon and rick-rack were stitched to the folded side and the ends sewn together to form a continuous band. I hand stitched a running stitch with pearl cotton thread on the raw edge to create a ruffle. This process was repeated for the next two rosettes… blue 28″ X 6″ and yellow 28″ X 8″.

Sassaman Ribbon Project

After poking a hole in the center of the lid, I stacked the rosettes with a painted yellow foam gasket and screwed them to the lid of the box with a ceramic knob, also from Hobby Lobby. Next I glued ribbon on the side of the lid, as well as ribbon and rick-rack on to the box itself.

Sassaman Ribbon Box Open

As a finishing touch there is a small ribbon trim just inside the box, too. All the fabric is from The Early Birds collection for FreeSpirit and the ribbon is from the new Wild Child line for Renaissance Ribbon. I’ve almost decided that this project is too pretty to give away!

Sassaman Ribbon Box Top

A Hint of Autumn

Thursday, August 15th, 2013


After two wonderful teaching trips, I am able to finish the rest of the month at home. The weather has a cool hint of Autumn, so I am a happy camper.

Sassaman Wild Child Quilt & Pillows

We have been very prolific with the new Wild Child fabrics this season. This has been easy since it matches my personal decorating scheme so well. So I am redoing old covers and making new quilts to jazz up our own living space.

This week I am pleased to share some outrageously colorful creations. You may want to get your sun glasses now! I’m calling this project “Freddie’s Quilt” because my friend Freddie Moran, who wrote the inspiring book, Collaborative Quilting, with Gwen Marston, loves bright colors and dotted fabrics of all kinds. I think this quilt would delight her. It uses four of the Delirious Dots stitched into a simple cross-in-a-square pattern. The pillows here use the red colorway of the Petunias, Harlequin and the Flower Fiesta fabrics.

Sassaman Wild Child quilt & Pillows 2

And they are all reversible, of course! For the back of the quilt I mixed selvedge to selvedge cuts of the Harlequin and Dots with some vintage Stars and Spirals.

Sassaman Wild Child Pillows

The pillows are simply pieced but quilted in a diamond design with top stitching thread. Notice the fun piping around the edges.

Sassaman Wild Child Dots Quilt

Here is a larger view of the quilt. The dotted blocks were made with jellyroll strips and charm pack squares. This makes a 12″ finished block. The sashing strips are 1″ finished. The border is cut so all sides are a bit different for a fun and funky look.

Sassaman Wild Child Quilt Back

It was long arm quilted in simple circles. These pieces have the graphic feel of a “Big Top Circus”… appropriate for a summer day! And this is Pumpkin, my two-fisted quilt protector at work.

Sassaman Quilt Protector

PS- The Wild Child Ribbons are now available in my webstore. Pass the word.

Wild Child – a study in contrast

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Sassaman Red & White Quilt

It is so HOT here this week. We are watering the plants early in the morning and hibernating inside for the balance of the day. It’s wonderful weather for tomatoes and for working in the cool studio. In fact, today I am shipping out my new designs for next spring’s FreeSpirit Collection.

For this weeks blog I wanted to show you one of my favorite quilts to come from the current Wild Child line. It is also one of the starkest and easiest to make. This graphic quilt was made from jelly roll cuts (2.5″ strips) of the red and white Masquerade fabric mixed with a solid white. It is constructed as a giant log cabin block starting in the center and building outward.

Sassaman Red & White Quilt Detail

It is a wonderful study of “white”. The red and white diamond fabric looks very white in the bolt, yet when I set it next to a solid white from my stash the difference was amazing. Since this quilt is meant to be fun and funky I thought the mismatched whites added to its naive quality.

This is actually the back side of another quilt, so the quilting was dictated by the composition on the other side. But I think it works well on both.

M. Peda Wild Child Bag w:Ribbon

Here is the same fabric used, again, to great effect. This stunning bag for a sizzling summer was made by the marvelous Melissa Peda. She has also used some of my new Renaissance Ribbon as a perfect contrast to the large print. She lined the bag with red Peony fabric. To read more about this project and see more of her wonderful work visit her 100 Billion Stars blog.

Indie Book Award

And finally, congratulations to Dragon Threads Publishing for being a finalist for the Indie Book Awards!

Easter Surprise!

Saturday, March 30th, 2013


Look what the Easter Bunny left at our house!


Easter-Eggs-Sassaman -Fabric

Happy Easter, everyone!

And the winner is…

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Quilt # 5 by Rhonda Pearce of Oregon is the winner of the Ocean Waves Contest! She lives 50 miles from the nearest quilt store so she leaned into her fabric stash for this happy quilt top. Congratulations, Rhonda! Your vintage Sassaman fabric bundle will arrive soon.

I am very pleased with each and every entry. They each have their own charm and character. Remember that all the entries will be eligible for the final grand prize.

This week in the studio I was so tired of all the intense computer work that I took a break to work on a little abstract project that has been waiting in the wings. It felt SOOOOOO good to sit down at the sewing machine. The choice of colors may surprise you. But this rich color combination has been nagging at me. The fabrics are mostly luscious hand dyes. It’s nice, too, to work on a piece that actually fits on my ironing table.

Ocean Waves Contest

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Here are the February entries for the Ocean Waves Challenge! Thank you all for taking the time to stitch up a top to share. Your vote is cast by leaving a comment below. We will announce to winner here this Friday, March 1. I, personally, am delighted with the varied personalities of these projects.

Quilt #1 by Eunice Merritt, above

Quilt #2 by Fran Douglas, above

Quilt #3 by Patti Baymiller, above

Quilt #4 by Rebecca Finch, above

Quilt #5 by Rhonda Pearce, above

Quilt #6 by Sara Roche, above

Quilt #7 by Sue Turner, above

Quilt #8 by Suzanne Walcott, above

Good luck, everyone!!

New Colors for the New Year!

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to the coming year with renewed optimism and excitement. As always, the changing of the calendar is a natural time for reflection. My review has made me determined to be more organized, efficient, profitable and a few sizes smaller. Sound familiar? I guess it’s the same every year. One of the best ways to encourage this positive attitude is with a new dose of color!! And since we used the red and blue checks and poka dots for our table runner last week, it seemed natural to use the fresh plum colorway to reinvigorate the bed room for sweet dreaming this week.

We have duvets on all the beds, summer and winter. I have made covers for them all with my FreeSpirit fabrics, of course, and with the same basic pattern. The center panel is simply a selvedge to selvedge cut of fabric bordered by two coordinating panels. It is reversible, too, so I can carry the color theme through both sides. I have such a “healthy” collection, twelve years of Sassaman stash, that I’m not limited to the latest designs, but can pull out some past favorites, too.

 For this side of the cover all fabrics are from the current Early Birds line. We have added the plum Prairie Poppy for a lively buffer between the dots and the checks. The poppy is also featured on the large pillow. The other yellow pillow is made with the tulip design from Jane’s Paradise Garden line. The pretty pink pillows use the Early Birds pink Curlicue with a vintage stripe and a checked edge.

The reverse side is the same format, but with plum Primrose Posy as the primary fabric, another vintage Sassaman stripe and more poka dots. The pillows work nicely with both sides. Is there any doubt that going to bed in our house is a happy occasion? Imagine my striped pajamas in the mix! Greg calls me “Mrs. Seuss”.

“Color” is the way to my heart… it refreshes, inspires and delights me. Nicely ironed pillowcases make me happy, too. Not a bad way to begin the New Year!

New Year Dragon Threads Contest!

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Today Dragon Threads, publisher of Patchwork Sassaman Style, has announced a new contest which is open to stitchers around the world! It begins on January 2.
For January’s event you are invited to design and stitch a quilt top using a recipe from Patchwork Sassaman Style, but you can use ANY FABRIC that you like… Kaffe, Amy, Lonnie? Just stitch up your top and send us a photo. No size restrictions and no quilting required!
The particular recipe to interpret will be announced in our January blog posts. We want to prove that my patchwork recipes and design principles work with “Personality Prints”of all kinds.
So put on your designing caps and prepare to submit the photo of your quilt top by Jan. 25 to We will put all entries on the Dragon Threads blog and let readers vote for their favorite. The winner will be announced on Jan. 30.
The PRIZE is eight half yard cuts of my Early Birds fabric in the plum colorway. That makes a total of 4 yards of beautiful fabric to add to your stash! Then we test a new recipe in February. All other quilt tops will be entered for the final Grand Prize to be selected by me. I will be looking for the quilts that best express the “Principles for using Personality Prints” as described in Patchwork Sassaman Style.

This week we have been making some Sassaman Style kitchen accessories for the holidays. I have decided to use the large red/pink and white Cheeky Checks (Early Birds, Strawberry) for my main table dressing. It is a contemporary interpretation of old fashioned gingham and I think it lends a clean, bright and classic Scandinavian feeling. The Early Birds collection has several fabrics that combine traditional Christmas colors but with a contemporary look. We used some of these to make a variety of fun holiday oven mitts and pot holders. The two designs above both have double pockets for extra usability.

These classic little pot holders are simply quilted and bound with colorful bias tape. They are almost too pretty to use! We used rich red terry toweling for the reverse sides.

Here are two solid colored dish towels that we spiced up with raw edged fabric strips, stitched about a quarter inch from the edge. Then we laundered them and fluffed them up in the drier, which created a nicely frayed look.
Stay tuned for more holiday decorating ideas in the coming weeks.