St. Patrick’s Project


It is warming up here. The fog is dense and the rivers are overflowing with melting snow and recent rain. It is a world of gray, white and black. But in the studio things are just the opposite. This week we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, so you the know the color green has to play a starring role.

bread-warmer-Sassaman-fabric-St. Patrick

Hey! What’s in the basket? It’s our St. Patrick’s project… a pretty little bread warmer. This holiday is celebrated with many traditional treats, like corned beef and cabbage, dark beer and of course, Irish Soda bread.


Isn’t that a perfect symbol for cozy comfort ! Similar to a scone this soda bread is sweet and filled with raisins. Laying on a blanket lined with green Curlicue fabric from the Early Birds line.

Bread Warmer- Sassaman-fabric

This reversible bread warmer has a lovely shape, like a big X made of graceful curves. It is about 17″ square

and has a basic “pillow” construction.Bread Warmer- Sassaman-fabric

The details add some extra character. A green pearl cotton running stitch accents the silhouette and also attach the magenta wool balls which help to hold the blanket more tightly around the bread. Now that these photos have been posted, guess what I’m having with my tea this afternoon!

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  1. Deborah M says:

    I love this! A lovely gift for my bread-baking friends. Will you share instructions? Would also love info about the cute easter eggs. Could perhaps figure these things out, but would rather not…

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