The Early Birds Have Arrived!

 WHOOOOPEEEE! It finally came! Can you tell that I was pretty excited when my box of new FreeSpirit designs arrived on Thursday? It is called Early Birds. Some collections just feel good from the start and this is one of those. So let’s open this treasure box and see what’s inside.

It usually takes a while to get reacquainted with your designs because it has been months since the artwork went off to the factory. But this time they felt like old friends. Look at those COLORS!
Of course, a mother has to love her children, so I’m biased. This is one of the designs that will also be done in oilcloth (laminated fabric). I see some fabulous tablecloths in the future!
Naturally, you have to stroke and caress each one as it comes out of the box… and then do it all over again as you sort them into their proper stacks. The beautiful hand of FreeSpirit fabrics makes it a tactile feast as well as a visual one. Then you have to unfold them and fondle them some more. Heavenly!
If you would like to see the whole line, visit my website. It is still under renovation, but the fabrics are all posted for your inspection. If you like what you see, pass the word to your favorite fabric store. The fabric will be available in November and they can see it in person at Houston Market, with their Westminster representative or on the FreeSpirit website.
The other nice thing that happened this week was that the October/ November issue of Quilter’s Newsletter arrived with my article about designing fabric!  And if you go to the Quilter’s Newsletter website there is another fun article by my good buddy, Nancy Arseneault. We are both Day of the Dead devotees and there you can see and read about her wonderful new Beauty Parlor de los Muertos Quilt.
So after such a quiet summer the autumn is starting with some nice energy. Let’s sew!

9 Responses to “The Early Birds Have Arrived!”

  1. Melissa P says:

    Yay!!!!! Look at all that gorgeous color! And large scale print! I'm so glad that box finally arrived.

  2. Jane they are just gorgeous! I would be frantic with “What do I start with” if I had that stack in front of me! You are such a talented artist!

  3. Pamela Nees says:

    Oh my! Such a pretty line of fabric! You look so cute opening up the box!

  4. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Ooohhh looknat that box of yummy goodness. I can understand why you have such a big smile opening the box!!

  5. Daphne Greig says:

    Any chance you're bring some fabric to show in Pictou? Would love to see it in person!

  6. Kerstin says:

    The fabrics are great! And I have seen my favourite one!!! Or two…or three… 🙂

    LG Kerstin

  7. Oh, my goodness, Jane — I can't wait until these can join my stash! They're positively gorgeous. Congratulations on another winning line!


  8. kateuk says:

    I keep mentioning your wonderful designs to Fabric Shops here in the UK, but they are still very hard to find here- but more freespirit designs are appearing over here, so I keep hoping!
    I'm peering closely at the fabrics in your exciting parcel- they look very,very delicious- how wonderful it must be for you to see your designs on fabric at last.

  9. Letterpress says:

    Loved them all, and want to put these on my wish list for this fall. Just a little FYI on the shop samples page: the word *border* is what you want, not *boarder* (a person who pays for room and board). Thought you'd want to know. (On your Berry Patch Border pictures).

    Elizabeth E.

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