Houston Market Report 2011

With a sigh of satisfaction and exhaustion, I can show you the results of all our energy for the past month. Here is our Houston International Quilt Market booth for 2011. It is amazing how it all fell together. The booth was designed around the fabulous party dress in the corner. The new Early Birds line has a really nice border print, so I knew it would be perfect for the edge of a fancy garment. We added drama by framing it with some fabulous curtains and adding a coral pink backdrop.

My steadfast friend and super sewer, Susan Tempin, made this show stopper from a current Vintage Vogue pattern. Then she added the icing on the cake by hand sewing a gold sequin in the center of each little daisy. I just LOVE it!

To the left we had a display of Early Birds purses and bags, many made by Melissa Peda from her own pattern designs. You can find them at her Etsy store. The Pretty Perfect Pocket Purses, a Sassaman pattern, were made by the fabulous and enthusiastic Juanita Whiting. The almost whole cloth quilt on the table was pieced by my quilting buddy, Susan Buckingham.

I was lucky to have both Susan T. and Melissa P. in Houston for support and companionship. Thanks to everyone!! Thanks for making the booth such a success. Thanks, too, to all the folks who stopped in for a visit and shared so much encouragement and interest in our new designs!

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  1. Rachaeldaisy says:

    The stand looks so wonderful!! The dress is a dream! That wall of bags is so inspiring and the quilts and cushions all so inviting!! What a lovely photo of Susan and Melissa!! Will there be a pattern for her beautiful tunic?

  2. kateuk says:

    Gorgeous.The fabrics look wonderful – the dress is particularly stunning and I love the hearts quilt.Some rather lovely bags too- very,very impressive- I hope it went down a storm with all who saw it.

  3. Mindy says:

    Such lovely fabric and projects! What I wouldn't give to fit into that darling dress! I'm sure it wouldn't make quite the gorgeous statement it does in my size. As always your fabrics speak happy thoughts to me!

  4. Mimi says:

    Such fun to see the booth and all your ideas…. one thing you did not mention were the mugs…the mugs you said earlier that you would put on your site after Market… you home yet???? I WANT some of those mugs and do not want to leave to chance just “finding” them at some LQS….

    Have you ever thought of having pic or posters of these goodies for the quilt stores to post…. sure the real deal is best but fact is quilt stores can not sew each line into a sample. What is the shelf life of a collection….six months and then there are three to refill the space. Your fabrics are so unique and without a lot of guidance most of us are at a loss as what to do…and over time the LQS order fewer and fewer lines…. but a poster by the fabric…..not too busy or over whelming would help this brain grab hold of a use for these “different” fabrics.

  5. Lisa says:

    What a happy booth! The dress is fabulous! I can't wait to see the fabrics in person.

  6. Letterpress says:

    Looks like a successful showing of your beautiful work and designs. I love that dress–a sequin in each daisy? so fabulous!

  7. Martha says:

    As always- a gorgeous and inspiring display. I LOVE the quilt with the hearts and daisies on it! Pattern coming, I hope.

  8. LuLu says:

    Greetings Jane,

    The party dress with the border pattern is so lovely.

    Your Early Birds youtube video is great, too. Especially the tone-on-tone designs.

    Did I tell you I bought my first sewing machine?! I really wanted a serger, but I found an affordable sewing machine on Amazon.com…

    I'm working on my first fiber art commission!

    Hope you are all well.

    Mary Lou

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