All Tied Up

This week I heard the first Sandhill Crane, a sign that spring is truly in the wings. I also shipped my new fabric designs to Westminster and found the perfect shelves to store fabric in the new studio. The giant work wall is installed and covered with white paper. A little progress occurs every day.

But after so many months of designing exclusively with paper, pencil and computers I am feeling a desperate need to fondle some fabric and sit at the sewing machine. It is always best to warm up with a smaller project, so this week I am showing off these fabulous new bow ties made with Sassaman fabrics past and present.

Oh, that feels better! These are “mood altering” accessories! You can’t be crabby when you wear one of these happy ties. Now I can pull out my Illinois Album quilt, the one with the salamanders, and begin quilting the borders. This week I will also be visiting the Heritage Quilter’s Guild in Lockport, Illinois. It is always a treat to have work so close to home!

4 Responses to “All Tied Up”

  1. Melissa P says:

    These are so joyful! Happy sewing!

  2. bmayer says:

    Cute ties!….Sandhill cranes in Ill??? I thought they were just Florida birds!

  3. P.Piche says:

    keep up the inspiring work. Can’t wait to see your new designs in fabric.

  4. Hi! I'm Lisa says:

    As soon as Hancock’s of Paducah has one of their Free Shipping deals, I’m ordering the whole Garden Divas line. Can’t get them around here in mid-Michigan. Love it!

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