Palouse Patchers

I have just returned from a marvelous teaching trip in Moscow, Idaho for the Palouse Patchers Spring Fling. The Palouse is a stunningly dramatic area of the country of giant velvety hills and valleys. Trees on the Palouse are few and far between and the sky puts on a show all day long. 
The Patchers really made me feel special. At the opening event every place was set with a swatch of Garden Diva fabric and a lovingly crafted fabric flower brooch. The centerpiece on each table was a tiered plate filled with colorful cupcakes.
The next two days we had class in Moscow’s handsome community center. The girls in class were good sports and cut into their Sassaman fabrics, even though they didn’t know exactly what would happen. Here are the awesome results of Friday’s Kaleidoscope class.

I am delighted that they are all so different. Each one has a distinct personality. We didn’t have time enough to work on borders, but you can still see the beginnings of some exciting quilts.

Some students used 45 degree triangle templates, some used 60 degree ones and others did their own “thing”. I never get tired of the surprising relationships between the different fabrics, especially when they seem to blend in and out of one another.
It is also interesting what depth the black fabrics create. In many of these pieces there is an underlying  organizational principle like “mirror image”, “light to dark” or “alternating”. Keep scrolling down to see the rest. You may be inspired to try a “kaleidoscope” of your own!

Thanks, Palouse Patchers for your enthusiasm and your hospitality! I look forward to seeing your completed quilts one day soon… hint, hint!

8 Responses to “Palouse Patchers”

  1. LuLu says:

    Howdy Jane,
    These are fun. It’s amazing what wonderful things can be created with your fabrics.

    Hope you are all well. Happy Spring!

    Mary Lou ‘LuLu’

  2. Melissa P says:

    I love all the diversity. Great showcase of possibilities.

  3. HollyM says:

    Wow, the tables do look lovely and the each kaleidoscope is so beautiful. it must have been fun!

  4. Judy Warner says:

    The Pelouse is a wonderful area. So glad you could visit there. Looking at the great creations brings back memories of your workshop here in Rochester.

  5. Diane says:

    I’m so glad you posted these as I didn’t get to see them; now I think I’m ready to start cutting.

  6. Jane,

    As President of the Palouse Patchers this year, I would like to thank you for the kind words about our group. We all really appreciated your presentations to the ladies present. THANKS again.


  7. Wow! These are so dramatic! And they have a distinct Art Nouveau feeling. Must be that Sassaman fabric!

  8. Letterpress says:

    Seeing all these quilts-in-progress is highly instructive. Thanks for posting the photos. Time to play with my Sassaman fabrics, I guess!

    Elizabeth E.

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