Spring Cover Up

The spring weather is been as unpredictable as always. It was actually too hot here for a few days and I was forced to fold up my winter uniform and switch to some cooler clothes. This is never easy for me, because I am not thrilled to have to take off my protective parka and expose my winter body to the world. So I need to ease into the hot weather gently, uncovering my soft and glow-in-the-dark limbs in gradual steps. So this smock pattern is a perfect piece of transitional clothing. It is light weight, covers almost everything and is colorful and fun to wear.

This is the pattern. I saw it years ago, but never owned it. In the mean time, it went out of print! So I went on Etsy and found it again. I like to find patterns that can be made over and over again, as I tend to have seasonal uniforms … the same pattern in many colors, just makes life easier.

I like everything about this pattern, the square neckline, the double pleats in the back, double pockets and the turned up cuffs. Plus we could use Sassaman fabric, too. I wear them with a complimentary colored shirt underneath. There is something rather old-fashioned about it, that appeals to me, too.

This version is especially nice and a bit more formal, too. These were made by my helper, Susan. She is a whiz at garment sewing. She is also the one who added the wonderful buttons. Black leggings work with all of these and I think a black pencil skirt would be cooler and look good, too. But I’m working up to that!

Here you can see the lining and shoulders done with the Bleeding Heart and Iris fabric. All of the printed fabric is from the Garden Divas line. The solid fabrics balance the fancy fabrics, so they aren’t too overwhelming.

But in this version we let the prints take over and I love it! Exuberant and exciting. It’s right up there with your “rat pack”leopard prints. Kind of retro, in a 1960’s way. If this was oil cloth, it would make a dynamite raincoat, too.

The cheeky blue buttons add some electricity and attitude. So perhaps now I can ease into spring and work up to a cooler summer wardrobe. PS… all these photos were taken in the new studio. The saffron
colored walls look great with everything.

4 Responses to “Spring Cover Up”

  1. Melissa P says:

    The solid black with the iris is stunning. Susan did a marvelous job on all of them. And the buttons are the perfect detail. Just the motivation I need to switch gears and sew some summer garments.

  2. kateuk says:

    They look brilliant-very inspiring.Those buttons are great.
    I feel some shirt-making coming on!

  3. Pam says:

    Your garments have truly inspired me! They are beautiful. The back yoke & pockets are a great way to use my stashed Sassaman fabrics! 🙂

  4. Pam says:


    Or maybe, go out and buy some more Sassaman fabrics!

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