Sublime Summer

Ahhhhh… it has been perfect summer weather and there is anticipation in the atmosphere. I am awaiting delivery of my new line of FreeSpirit fabrics which will kick off a new burst of activities in preparation for Houston Market. It is the quiet before the storm. A bit like sitting on an egg!
Meanwhile, as I cleaned up the studio getting ready for this new phase, I got a wonderful email from Jean-Sophie Wood. She had her two salvaged wing-chairs reupholstered in the Sweet Potato Vine and Rose Hips fabric from the Prairie Gothic line.
Don’t they look striking? If you visit her blog, Sophie Junction, she will tell you all about them. I love their symmetry, especially the arms which are perfectly matched with the leaves and rose hips landing in the same place on both chairs.
This just tickles me! Needless to say, I am delighted to see my designs put to such perfect use. And I am honored to contribute a little color and style to someones life. They also seem appropriate sitting among these gems from the garden.
The garden produce is ripening and the fresh vegetables are a sublime treat. This is the first watermelon that Greg has grown. It is always amazing to watch melons and gourds grow. I love the shape of the leaf on this plant.
Look at the breathtaking network of stems and vines on this zucchini! 
The peppers are very HOT and happy this year.
This is our second season to grow okra. It looks so lovely that we hate to pick it, but found that the pods dry beautifully for autumn floral arrangements.
And finally the tomatoes are coming online. What a treat it is to eat these days! This is the inspiration that carries me through the winter.

8 Responses to “Sublime Summer”

  1. Melissa P says:

    Those chairs are wonderful! It makes me so happy to see your fabric put to everyday use like that.

    Enjoy those summer vegetables. They look fabulous.

  2. Beth says:

    The upholsterer did a fab job making the motifs of your beautiful fabric design.

  3. Mimi says:

    The bounty in the garden is wonderful. How many dozen tomato plants/cages are there? Looks like many many….

    Calm before the storm….like that a lot as we roll into NEW fabric…

  4. Mindy says:

    Our garden is almost spent, all that is left is okra and peppers, but we are making good use of them. I enjoyed the lovely photos of yours. I’m already missing fresh tomatoes everyday! Enjoy it while it last.

  5. kateuk says:

    Those chairs are gorgeous.
    My tomatoes are taking for ever to ripen- we have had a really odd year here in the UK,really HOT and dry in late Spring/early Summer, now ,when we want everything to ripen, it is cold and cloudy.My tomatoes are still very green and my squashes have given up trying!

  6. sophie says:

    I’m glad my new chairs tickled you … they make me smile whenever I walk into the room (which was my goal). I hope more of your fabrics are printed on home deco weight fabrics–they are wonderful for these kinds of projects.

  7. Hi Jane – I heard you speak at the Bayside Quilters Meeting in Easton and signed up as a follower to your blog as soon as I got home! Your work is beyond words and your garden photo’s are simply yummy. I did post a few photo’s from that meeting on my blog – actually the day I came home. I only wish I had a tiny-tiny bit of your talent … happy creating and all the best,

  8. Chris Daly says:

    Love those chairs!! Food for thought and I have two wing chairs that need updating.

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