Prairie Chic Pocket Purse

Spring Flower

We are making tiny steps toward the greening of our world everyday. Although the landscape is still pretty beige, there are little points of color peeking through the layers of dead leaves and debris. It is an inspiring time of year!

Sassaman Prairie Chic Bag 1

But, as always, it is a riot of color in the Sassaman studio. Here is one of the latest projects to be made with the current Prairie Chic collection for FreeSpirit. This is also my Pretty Perfect Pocket Purse pattern. We must have made this bag a dozen times with different fabrics and it always turns out beautifully even though the attitude changes. This version definitely has the spirit of FUN about it!

Sassaman Prairie Chic Bag 2

And notice the hand embroidered details… little french knots, running stitches and more. I think this folk art style is perfect for casual use and would be excellent to wear with jeans and an embroidered denim jacket.

Sassaman Prairie Chic Bag 3

Of course, we could not resist adding sassy felt dingle-balls!

Sassaman Prairie Chic Bag 4

The back and strap are made of red denim and hand stitched with Sew Sassy 12 weight threads. This could also be done by machine, depending on your schedule and level of patience. Dingle-balls are also used as the zipper pull.

Sassaman Prairie Chic Bag 5

We used a nice bright lining so it will be easier to find stuff inside. Plus this Wild Wiggles fabric just makes you chuckle and kind of rounds out the whole “happy” concept. Next week we will show you the same pattern made with an entirely different theme and technique, so stay tuned!

4 Responses to “Prairie Chic Pocket Purse”

  1. Melissa P says:

    Love those details!

  2. Mary says:

    What is the name of that flower? I’ve never seen a white flower with blue stripes. It’s gorgeous. I like the purse, too.

  3. Becky Bucci says:

    Hi Jane,
    Thanks for sharing a taste of spring. The flowers are gorgeous and I LOVE the bag. Still haven’t made mine, but I have just the right election of Sassamnan fabrics set aside to make one for just me.

    Not to rub it in, but we are in full bloom here in Wilmington just in time for our Azaelea Festival.

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