Winter Light

Gantner Winter Cemetery

We had a quiet cozy Christmas day at our house this year. No kids for the first time ever! We will have our Christmas together next week. But the company of my lovely mother-in-law and witty brother-in-law made the day a delight. Plus the landscape was perfectly “Currier and Ives”.

Gantner Winter Light

Greg took these beautiful shots during his daily explorations. Notice the icing on the trees!

I have been attempting to stick with my plan of concentrating more of my schedule to making art quilts again. I snagged some holiday time to work on this new piece. It’s a simple totem, 26″ X 62″, composed of basic shapes as a nice surface for playing with stitches. It was inspired by some ancient alchemist illustrations.

Sassaman Art Quilt Totem

The top is all raw edged applique finished with satin stitch. But I plan to get very adventurous with fancier stitching in the quilting. I am also imagining some gold metallic threads to add to the esoteric spirit of the piece.

Sassaman Art Quilt Totem 2

Here it is on the work table during the basting phase. So now it is ready to be quilted whenever I can grab a few quality hours at the sewing machine, as designing the autumn fabric line begins in earnest on the first day of the new year. So far I’m thinking of a Weeds and Seeds theme, but initial ideas often transform as the collection evolves. We shall see!

Sassaman Art Quilt Totem 3

But as an artist with tunnel vision will I be able to work on two projects at once? But it is a nice dilemma to have, since I love doing BOTH!

Happy and Healthy New Year, my friends!!

5 Responses to “Winter Light”

  1. Melissa P says:

    Wow!!! I love the spirit of this one. And those dots!!! Perfectly designed for this application.

    Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings.

  2. Anneke Crepin says:

    Indeed wow!! What a beautiful design. Wants you to stsrt immediatly. Will be a happy 2014.

  3. Winter Salutations! Love the saturated colors and curves. I enjoy seeing your project in process. The quilting will make it so rich. BTW, I received an apron from my sister for Christmas, made from your summer fabrics. It was my favorite gift! A sweet spider dropped from the waistline and moths flickered around the ties. Excited to see what the new year inspires.

  4. Pam says:

    Love the new art quilt. Your work and color choices make me feel so happy. And on that note…Happy New Year.

  5. Aleta Pope Hudson says:

    Been a fan of yours for years. Truly love your fabric lines, but have to admit to “drooling” over your art quilt designs; this current one is so alive with color, motion, and “feeling.” Looking forward to seeing its evolution.

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