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Dad is doing great with his new knee and Mom has her husband back home again! So I am back home again, too, and catching-up in the studio. Luckily it has been a rainy week, ideal for nesting and sorting indoors. The landscape has exploded with green over my month’s absence. As always, each year brings new strengths and struggles in the yard. This season the irises are putting on the best show ever and the ferns seem to be twice as big.

Sassaman-Early Birds-Umbrella

The rainy weather also made an ideal time to photograph our new Early Birds umbrella. It is made from the “Classic 28″ Umbrella” kit from Umbrella Joan. Joan provides the frame-work and the instructions and we supplied the laminated lemon Curlicues fabric from the Early Birds line. It is a real treat to see the fabric used in such an ideal project. Notice the kaleidoscope created by the fussy-cut wedges.

Sassaman-Early Birds-Umbrella

Since red and yellow are one of my favorite color combinations, we added a fine red edge of thread for a surprise finish.


Susan’s purse is made from our Pretty Perfect Pocket Purse Pattern. The front panel is one of the new Wild Child designs called Flower Fiesta, as is the Sassy Stripe at the top. The blue fabric is African and from my stash. I’ve always loved it for the fat threads woven through it and it goes wonderfully with denim, our “go-to” country wear.

Sassaman-Flower Fiesta-Fabric

All the new Wild Child designs come in three colorways Red, Blue and Pink. Here you can see the folk-art inspired Flower Fiesta pattern in its other versions. To see all the other Wild Child fabrics go to FreeSpirit. We have lots of projects to share as we roll out the new collection so stay tuned as we get back to business this month.

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  1. Gayla says:

    Love the Wild Child! Can’t wait to get the fabric and some ribbons to match. Thank you for continuing to inspire!

  2. Ida Houston says:

    LOVE that top picture that shows the umbrella (how cute!), the purse, AND your garden. I can see how your garden can be such great inspiration!

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