Weather Rules the Week

It was an exciting weather week! Ice, rain sleet and SNOW! Our plowing service dug us out four times. This is when I’m so happy to be home and able to enjoy it all. I was prepared with a nice stack of “books on tape” for studio listening… I’m revisiting some of my favorite vintage English mysteries.

We have a small heart collection in our house all year round. But they look especially grand against this snowy landscape and very appropriate for Valentines Day. You can spy the studio in the background.

One of the other exciting events was the arrival of my next fabric line For FreeSpirit. These are always memorable days. After becoming so familiar with the designs on paper, there is always a period of adjustment as you get to know them on fabric, as well. But there are already some FABULOUS projects in the works. I wish I could show them to you now!!!! But they are top-secret until Spring Quilt Market. I will tell you it is called Wild Child and that the designs and colors may take you back in time.

The other landmark event is the finalizing of my collection for autumn!! The designs (very feminine) have been decided and the colorways (very pretty) chosen. Now I must come up with an appropriate title for the line and names for each individual pattern, then label and print all the artwork. Just in the nick of time!

PS… are you working on your Patchwork Sassaman Style Challenge? This is a short month, so you’d better get busy! To see the rules and the fabric prize visit the Dragon Thread Blog.

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  1. KateUK says:

    Beautiful- we have snow too here in the UK, but it was melting as it fell, so it was all slushy and slimy and horrid, not ‘proper’ snow at all! mind you, when it does snow here we just get snowed in, so perhaps I prefer the slush, but even slush is a great excuse for staying home and playing in the studio.

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