One Pattern, Two Looks

The new year seems to inspire everyone to regroup and get organized and I am definitely in that phase this week. Greg varnished and installed the new shelves and I filled them with fabric. Then my assistant, Susan, began to cut yards of fabric for kits and bundles to take to class. I have divided the studio into task areas, including a specific space for shipping and packing.

But in the mean time my Garden Divas fabric is taunting me into some fabric action. In this restructuring
period, I don’t want to get distracted by a large quilt project. But, heck, a “little” quilt diversion could be OK. Right?

So I got out my favorite template, the Fast 2 Cut Fussy Cutter Diamond ruler designed by Jan Krentz.  This ruler is the greatest for symmetrical prints and I always know something wonderful will evolve. That’s why I’ve used it for almost every collection!

And, of course, it did the trick, again! This is the same quilt with a simple substitution of Garden Divas fabric. In the top quilt you can easily see the shapes that make up the design… a large diamond, a 9″ square, the half square triangle of that square and a border. This interpretation reminds me of the freshness of Delft ceramics.

The second quilt top is exactly the same, except that the squares and triangles have been substituted with a different fabric and the look has radically changed. Now we have a complicated kaleidoscope of interweaving colors and textures. The structural building blocks have meshed and blended together.

This has been an exercise worth repeating and I’d like to carry on with some other coloreways next week.

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