New Colors for the New Year!

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to the coming year with renewed optimism and excitement. As always, the changing of the calendar is a natural time for reflection. My review has made me determined to be more organized, efficient, profitable and a few sizes smaller. Sound familiar? I guess it’s the same every year. One of the best ways to encourage this positive attitude is with a new dose of color!! And since we used the red and blue checks and poka dots for our table runner last week, it seemed natural to use the fresh plum colorway to reinvigorate the bed room for sweet dreaming this week.

We have duvets on all the beds, summer and winter. I have made covers for them all with my FreeSpirit fabrics, of course, and with the same basic pattern. The center panel is simply a selvedge to selvedge cut of fabric bordered by two coordinating panels. It is reversible, too, so I can carry the color theme through both sides. I have such a “healthy” collection, twelve years of Sassaman stash, that I’m not limited to the latest designs, but can pull out some past favorites, too.

 For this side of the cover all fabrics are from the current Early Birds line. We have added the plum Prairie Poppy for a lively buffer between the dots and the checks. The poppy is also featured on the large pillow. The other yellow pillow is made with the tulip design from Jane’s Paradise Garden line. The pretty pink pillows use the Early Birds pink Curlicue with a vintage stripe and a checked edge.

The reverse side is the same format, but with plum Primrose Posy as the primary fabric, another vintage Sassaman stripe and more poka dots. The pillows work nicely with both sides. Is there any doubt that going to bed in our house is a happy occasion? Imagine my striped pajamas in the mix! Greg calls me “Mrs. Seuss”.

“Color” is the way to my heart… it refreshes, inspires and delights me. Nicely ironed pillowcases make me happy, too. Not a bad way to begin the New Year!

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  1. KateUK says:

    Fresh ironed pillow cases- right with you on that! And such jolly ones too.Beautiful.Have an excellent 2013 and thanks for the inspiration this year.

  2. Terry Conner says:

    Happy New Year. I look forward to the beautiful things on your blog in the new year.

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