Easter Greetings!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the Easter Bunny put all the dark chocolate in your basket!

This week we are celebrating the season with a new table setting done in Early Birds fabric, of course.
The scene is filled with plenty of easy “do-it-yourself” projects. Let’s begin with the basic tablecloth of the Pink Curlicue fabric… just measure, cut and hem. Over sized ball fringe would be a perfect finish on the edges.

Melissa Peda’s table runner is so cute! It is made with six inch blocks that feature fussy cut Bleeding Hearts (from the Strawberry Serenade fabric) down the center and Primrose Posy triangles down the side. The bright white and blue blocks add a sense of humour.

And I love the addition of the buttons. Look at the detail below of the white baby buttons dangling from each blossom and the yellow daisy buttons in each corner. Our bleeding hearts are the pride of the garden right now.

The lamp shade is covered in the red Poka Dots fabric, which always make me think of Betty Boop and gives me a chuckle.

The elegant curtains are made with Prairie Poppies in the blueberry colorway. They look great against the gold wall.

The English Tea Cozy also models the Strawberry Serenade fabric, anchored by a band of blue Poka Dots and topped with a yellow yoyo and felt beads.

And finally, we have Melissa’s little pin cushion pillow. It is done with tiny cross stitches in the letter “J”and surrounded with the Prairie Poppy design, in the strawberry colorway this time.

I know there will be little time for sewing today. But perhaps tomorrow when the guests have gone and all the dishes are done you can escape into the sewing room and indulge in some fabric fondling.

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  1. Melissa P says:

    Happy Easter! This is the kind of table setting that encourages long conversations and easy banter. In other words, the perfect setting.

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