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Tree of Life Quilt Pattern

The Tree of Life quilt is a brodery perse quilt.  This is a style of applique that was popular in 19th century America and was inspired by the Italian gardens with serpentine flower beds cut into large expanses of lawn.  Similarly, brodery perse quilts use small groups of individually cut out chintz flowers which are appliquéed to a whole cloth background.

In my Tree of Life quilt the background is made of a few simple pieces: frame, tree and sky.  These pieces are backed with interfacing and appliquéed together to make a stable surface to applique on.  After the background is assembled you can cut out individual flowers and leaves and place them where you wish.  I prefer to line these shapes with interfacing, too, so they are easier to manage.  When you have the flowers in place, you may want to hand baste them loosely into place.  Then beginning with the bottom most shapes, free-motion machine baste and finish your raw edges with decorative hand or machine embroidery.

  Click here to download the Tree of Life pattern

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